Desktop Repair Services

Our Desktop PC and Server Computer Repair Services

We repair and maintain all computers.

  • For example, we install Windows on Desktop Computers and an All-in-One PC.

  • Such as Viruses and Spyware we remove.

  • For example, We Replace Hard drives and SSD upgrades for Desktop PC.

  • CD and DVD Drive we replace.

  • We replace a broken LCD.

  • Such as we repair and replace Power Supply.

  • For example, Desktop Computer Software repairs and upgrade.

  • We install brand new parts for Computers.

  • We Repair and replace Motherboards.

  • Memory Upgrades.

  • We install and configure Printers and network printers.

  • Such as we set up Data Backup for Windows and Apple OS X.

  • For example, Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Operating System we install and repair, Upgrade.

  • For example, Linux Operating System we install and configure.

  • Video Card Repairs and Upgrade.

  • Graphics Card performance issues repair.

“Desktop PC” and “All in One PC” Brands We Are Repairing in Sydney:

Additionally, we offer our customers fast and reliable Apple Mac Repairs for homes and businesses in Sydney.
We repair and maintain all computer brands such as,

  • Dell:

  • Sony:

  • HP:

  • Samsung:

  • IBM, ACER, Gateway Machines:

  • Dell Alienware:

Detailed Computer Repairs Sydney Services:

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