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Our Repair Services:

Additionally, we offer repairs in Sydney for Computers, Gaming PC and laptops, Apple Mac Screen Replacement, Keyboard Repairs, and Upgrade.

Also, we repair Motherboards for Laptops, and Logic board repairs for Apple Mac, Smartphone board repairs.

For example, Some of our repairs are below:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement.

  • For example, We replace Keyboard.

  • We install Windows.

  • Also, We offer Data Backup.

  • Mac Screen Replacement.

  • Logic Board Repairs.

  • Mac Keyboard we replace.

  • No Display and No Power Repairs.

  • For example, Pictures, Videos & Documents we recover.

  • We recover data from Drives.

  • Also, We recover data from formatted Partition.

  • For example, We Recover data from a USB or External Drive.

Screen Replacement: In addition to Screen Repairs, most of the Screens we replace within an hour time based on Stock availability.

Apple Repairs: For example, Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac, Mac Mini Repairs.

Gaming PC Repairs: We fix and upgrade ASUS and Dell Alienware Gaming PCs, Gaming Laptops.

Virus Removal Services: Additionally, We Remove Viruses, Spyware, and Trojans from laptops and Desktop PCs Windows Operating Systems.

Apple Mac Screen Replacement: We replace Apple Mac Screens for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Data Recovery Services: Additionally, we offer Data Recovery Services for laptops, Apple Mac Faulty SSD, and Hard Drives. Also, We recover Data from External Passport drives and USB Drives.

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