Computer Repairs Berala

Computer, Mac, and Laptop Repairs Berala services provide

  • Computer Repairs: For example, We offer Repairs for Desktop and All-in-One PCs, Laptops in Berala, Sydney.

  • Laptop Repairs: Additionally, brands we repair HP, Dell, Acer, and Asus, as well as Sony and Samsung laptops.

  • Apple Mac Repairs: Such as we repair MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as well as iMac Repairs.

  • Data Recovery: Additionally, We recover data from Laptop and Apple Mac, USB Drives, Internal and External HDD.

  • Mobile Phone Repairs: We repair Mobile Phones.

Berala Laptop Repairs

Additionally, Laptop Repairs Ali computers offer on-site laptop repairs.

Either it’s a hardware issue with the laptop or a software problem. We fix both.

Also, Some of the example problems, We Repair every day in Sydney mentioned below,

  • Laptop With No Display: For example, We Repair a Laptop with no Display.

  • No, Power Repairs: We repair Laptops with No power.

  • Laptop heat issue: For example, We repair Laptops that are heating up too fast.

  • Restarts on Startup: Also, We Repair Laptops with restarts and shut down and power problems.

  • Windows: For example, Windows 10 Start-up problem we Repair.

  • Virus Removal: Laptop Virus we remove from Laptop and Desktop, All-in-One PC.

  • Laptop Data Recovery: We recover data from desktop PC and Laptops.

  • OS repairs and install: Windows 10, we install and upgrade.

  • Laptop FAN Errors: Laptop FAN Error on Startup.

  • Thermal Shutdown: We fix Thermal Shutdown and Restart Problems.

Mac Repair Berala

Either you have software or hardware problems with your Apple MacBook.

Such as we fix most of the Mac problems like broken Apple Mac screens, Mac Startup problems.

Apple Mac OS X. We are experts in Mac Repairs.

  • Apple Mac Screen: We offer Mac Screen Replacement.

  • Keyboard Repairs: We replace MacBook Air and Mackbook Pro Keyboard.

  • Apple “OSX”: We offer OS X repair and upgrade.

  • Apple Mac Data Recovery: We recover data from Apple Mac.

  • Water Damage Repairs: Apple MacBook Water Damage Repairs.

Data Recovery

Also, Ali Computers offer affordable data recovery services in Sydney.

Call us and explain about Deleted data.

Friendly technicians will help recover the data.

Moreover, we are Expert in data recovery such as,

  • Deleted Picture Recovery

  • Corrupt or Deleted files Recovery

  • Broken USB files Recovery

  • Bad Sectors hard drive recovery

  • Deleted Hard drive partition recovery

Mobile Phone Repairs

In addition to Mobile Phone Repair, at Ali Computers. We offer expert repairs in Sydney.

Also, our Mobile Phone Repairs are below such as,

  • SmartPhone Screen: Mobile Phone Screen Replacement.

  • Phone Board Repairs: We offer Phone Board Repair.

  • Front and back Panel: For example, We replace the Front and Back panels for SmartPhone.

  • Data Recovery: We recover Data from Smart Phones and Tablets.

  • App Error Repairs: We fix App errors for Phones.

Detailed Computer Repairs Berala, Sydney Services:

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