Computer Repairs Sydney Services

Laptop Repairs Services Sydney
  • Laptop Screen Replacement

  • We Replace Keyboards.

  • We Install Windows for Laptop.

  • Data Recovery for Laptop.

  • Virus Removal and Application Repairs.

Laptop Repairs
Mac Repairs Sydney
  • Mac Screen Replacement.

  • Apple Mac OS X we install & Upgrade.

  • MacBook Air and Pro Keyboard Replacement

  • Data Recovery Services for Apple Mac.

  • Apple Mac Battery Replacement.

Mac Repairs
Desktop Computer Repairs Services Sydney
  • Hard drive & RAM Upgrade.

  • Windows 10 we install.

  • We fix Desktop PC Error.

  • We install SSD and Upgrade.

  • No Power and No Display Repairs.

Desktop Repairs
Data Recovery Sydney Services
  • Hard drive Data Recovery.

  • USB Drive files recovery.

  • Memory Card Files we recover.

  • SSD Data Recovery.

  • No Power, No Display Data Recovery we offer.

Data Recovery Services

Why Ali Computers

You will love Computer Repairs Sydney “Ali Computers” for our professional and friendly Laptop and Data Recovery, Mobile Phone as well as Apple Mac Repairs Sydney Services.

Our Services

We offer computer repair services for laptop repair and Mobile Phone Repairs, Data Recovery in Sydney.

Detailed Computer Repair Services:

Furthermore, we offer Support for IT products in Sydney. Some of Our Detail repair Services are explained below, for example,

Apple Mac Repairs:

In addition to Apple Mac Repairs, We offer same-day repairs for Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, iMac Repairs in Sydney. Our Repairs mentioned below Such as,

MacBook Pro Repairs

  • For example, MacBook Pro Screen we replace.

  • We Replace Keyboard for Apple Mac.

  • Apple MacBook (AirPort) Repairs.

  • Such as installing macOS Catalina and Mojave.

MacBook Air Repairs

  • We offer the MacBook Air Screen Replacement.

  • Such as the Front & Back Panels we replace.

  • Camera Repairs for Apple Products.

  • No Power Repairs.

iMac Repairs

  • We Replace iMac Screens.

  • Data we recover for the iMac.

  • Such as No Power and No Display Repair for iMac.

  • Graphic Card Repairs.

Apple Mac Water Damage Repairs: We Offer Same-day Water Damage Repairs for Apple Mac Products Such as MacBook and MacBook Air, MacBook Pro in Sydney.

In Addition to Water Damage Repairs, Mostly, small board parts get faulty due to water damage and short circuits. Furthermore, we keep most of the Apple Mac Parts in Stock at Ali Computers for fast and quality repairs.

Warranty repairs for Apple Mac: Additionally, we provide forty Days Warranty for Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, iMac Repairs in Sydney.

Laptop Repair Services:

Additionally, we offer Same-Day Laptop Repair Services. Some of our Laptop Repairs mentioned Below, for example,

Laptop Power Repairs

  • DC Jack Repairs.

  • Motherboard Repairs.

  • Laptop Power Button Repairs.

  • Battery Replacement Services.

Laptop Screen Replacement

  • Laptop Screen Replacement.

  • Screen Hinges Replacement.

  • Glass Panel Replacement for Notebooks.

  • Laptop Camera Repairs.

Parts Replacement

  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement.

  • Broken USB Repairs.

  • Trackpad Repairs & Replacement.

  • Laptop Base Cover Replacement.

Hardware Repairs: We Replace Laptop Screens, Keyboards and Hinges, Moreover we replace the Front and Back panels of Laptops.

Software Repairs for Laptop: We Offer Repairs for Laptop Operating System Startup Problems and Virus Removals, Application Error Repairs.

Laptop Support Sydney Services: Most of the Laptop Problems we repair Same-Day in Sydney.

Repair Parts Stock: Additionally, We keep most Laptop Repair Parts in Stock to provide Same-Day Repair Services. For example, we keep a 15.6 Laptop LED Screen, DC Power Jack Connectors, and Chargers in Stock.

Laptop Support Sydney Services: We offer a Warranty for all of Our Repairs performed at “Ali Computers” and Laptop Support for Upgrading RAMs, SSD Drives in Sydney.

Brands Repair for Laptop: For example, Most of the Laptop Brands, We Repair in Sydney are HP, LENOVO, DELL, Toshiba and ASUS, ACER, SAMSUNG Laptop Series.

Mobile Phone Repairs:

 We Repair Android Phones like Samsung, HTC, Huawei Phones, and Tablets, IOS iPhones like iPhone and iPad Repairs.

Phone Board Repairs

  • Mobile Phone board Repairs.

  • SmartPhone Power Jack Repairs.

  • No Display or Intermittent Restarts.

  • Water Damage Repairs.

Phone Screen Replacement

  • iPhone Screen Replacement.

  • For example, Samsung Phone Screen replacement.

  • Broken Screen Front panel Replacement.

  • Screen Cable Replacement.

Phone Brand We Repair

  • Apple iPhone

  • Samsung Phone Repairs.

  • For example, LG, Huawei, and Nokia, as well as HTC.

  • Android Phones and Tablet Repairs.

Mobile Phone Parts: Also, we keep most of the Mobile Phone Phones Screens and Repair Parts to offer fast and same-day repairs in Sydney.

Mobile Phone Repairs Sydney: Additionally, we offer a Warranty for All of Our Mobile Phone, smartphone Repairs in Sydney.

Data Recovery Services:

Hard Drive & SSD Recovery

  • Hard Drive Partition Recovery

  • Such as Corrupted Partition Table Repairs.

  • SSD Power OFF Recovery.

  • HDD Faulty Sounds.

Deleted Files Recovery

  • Such as Deleted Documents and Videos as well as Files Recovery.

  • Recovery of Software Licenses.

  • Outlook Emails Data Recovery.

  • For Example, Formatted Drives Partition.

Data Recovery Services

  • Broken USB Drives Recovery.

  • Faulty Memory Cards.

  • Laptop Windows Problems.

  • Mac OSX Not Working.

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